Galloway’s Landslide Win Signals Trouble for Labour Deputy Leader

After winning the Rochdale by-election by a landslide victory, George Galloway warned Labour’s deputy leader as her popularity faded in Greater Manchester.

George Galloway’s Political Intentions

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Workers Party of Britain leader, George Galloway, expressed his desire to target Labour’s deputy leader, Angela Rayner, and potentially overturn her majority in the Ashton-under-Lyne constituency during the next election.

Workers Party of Britain’s Aspirations

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Galloway, the leader of the Workers Party of Britain, is targeting seats in areas with significant Muslim populations to “make sure that Keir Starmer doesn’t win.”

Political Background and Expulsion From Labour

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Having been removed from the Labour Party in 2003 due to his stance on the Iraq war, Galloway has a vendetta against the party, calling out Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer in his latest by-election victory in Rochdale.

Galloway Eyes up Ashton-Under-Lyne

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Galloway revealed that he believes “There’s at least 15,000 supporters of my point of view” located in Angela Raynor’s constituency of Ashton-Under-Lyne, adding that he hopes to win over the area one day.

A Potential Landslide

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Galloway seemed confident in this, suggesting that his backing of 15,000 supporters in the area would be enough to trump Raynor’s backing of just 4000.

Galloway’s Landslide Performance

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Galloway won the seat in the Rochdale by-election, claiming 38% of the votes, a landslide victory after Labour withdrew confidence in their original candidate, Azhar Ali, for his statement on Israel.

Galloway’s Victory Cry

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Galloway won the by-election due to his pro-Palestine stance and heavily criticized Starmer for not standing up for the people of Palestine, yelling “Keir Starmer, this is for Gaza!” in his victory interview.

Galloway Swears to Prioritize Rochdale

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Galloway swore himself in as Rochdale’s seat holder in Parliament, where he swore to prioritize local issues in the constituency before putting all of his eggs in the Gaza basket.

Sunak’s Alleged Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

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According to Galloway, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is using anti-Muslim rhetoric as an election tactic to secure a victory in the upcoming general election after Sunak expressed his ongoing support for Jewish communities.

Muslims a “Wedge Issue”

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Galloway argued “It’s clear to me that Sunak has identified Muslims and Gaza” as the so-called “wedge issue” that the Prime Minister will use to win the election.

Galloway Takes Aim at Politicians

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Galloway said as he entered Parliament to be sworn in that he “always loved the building” before insisting “the people in it, not quite so much.”

“I Despise the Prime Minister”

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After winning his Rochdale seat, Galloway was interviewed in front of a crowd of supporters where he yelled, “I despise the Prime Minister” claiming that “millions and millions” of people in the UK echo his sentiment.

Hamas and Governance in Gaza

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When questioned about Hamas, considered a terrorist group by several countries, Galloway criticized the question as “dripping with imperial condescension,” stating that “they were voted for by the People of Palestine.”

Galloway’s Stance on Foreign Affairs

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Following the conversation, Galloway insisted that “I would not myself have voted for Hamas – I am an Arafat man and have been since the 1970s – but the people picked Hamas,” warning that the UK should not mess with foreign affairs.

Sunak’s Stance on Protestors

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Galloway has been a stern critic of both Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer for their stances on the Israel-Hamas war, with Sunak recently calling pro-Palestine protestors “extremists.”

Sunak’s Warning to Protestors

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Sunak issued a warning to protestors, urging the police to do more to protect the public, despite the protests being peaceful and the organizers working with the police themselves to organize a safe protest.

Andersons Controversial Comments

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The Conservative Party has come under fire recently for its tough stance on the religion of Islam, with suspended former Tory MP Lee Anderson arguing that “Islamists” had taken control of London and its mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Prime Minster Won’t Call Anderson “Islamophobic”

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The Prime Minister admitted that Anderson’s comments were “wrong” but refrained from labelling them “Islamophobic” like many former Tory MPs and current Labour politicians have already.

Sunak Denies Islamophobia Allegations

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The Muslim Council of Britain urged the Prime Minister to investigate cases of Islamophobia within his party, but when asked whether there was a racism issue, Sunak said “No, of course there isn’t.”

Galloway a Threat to Labour and Tory Election

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With Galloway sworn in to be the seat holder for Rochdale, his large influence and stern opposition to both the Conservatives and Labour could be detrimental to both party’s election hopes.

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